October 2, 2007

thick thoughts

It came to me. I always looked for the inside of a word, for what it would express if i turned the sentence upside down. I was often freaked out a little and my immediate reaction was not to come so easily. When thinking of one just said, questions start spanking my imagination: what is this sentence's true meaning? Am i missing it? What if it has more meanings? What if my answer doesn't fit the right one? Will they notice?
This is not the way to go! People have simple thoughts and they express them in simple ways. Nobody asks for a cigarette with: 'I have 1$. How many lighters could i buy with them?'. It's best to be absent, to give the right answer: 'maybe 3..".
But what if someone does use simple questions with hidden intentions? How can i spot them? Here i go again..

1 comment:

Morko said...

it's really nice to see u're not the only lunatic who asks herself very strange questions concerning different things she'd rather not express out loud although they bother her. thanks for showing me that u're very much like me. again. (scriu in engleza ca mi-e mai usor sa exprim lucruri.plus ca in romana suna un pic creepy. :) )